On the Saradha scandal

Our great country has seen a lot of scandals but perhaps never a Ponzi scheme as the Saradha scandal. How authorities can allow such a scheme to be run for so long is beyond me but here's a timeline of what happened and key figures from West Bengal. … [Read more]

Search through a Json tree using Jackson

Recently I came across an issue where I had to de-serialize a JSON string whose POJO's were not defined (since it was not static) and I had to find all values (or sub elements) matching a given key.  Here's how I went about it. The best part of … [Read more]

My thoughts on Jan Dhan Yojana

I was reading about the Jan Dhan Yojana today, the process of which started with this article on TOI. The scheme, in my opinion, makes a lot of sense but how its been formulated and marketed leaves a lot to be desired. First of all, the scheme is … [Read more]

Pentaho Kettle plugin code generator

Just finished working on a code generator for creating Pentaho Kettle transformation steps. The generator takes in a bunch of inputs about the step and generates the boiler plate code required for the plugin so you may concentrate on the business … [Read more]

Order statistic trees

What is it and why should I care? Order statistic trees are a modification of Binary Search Trees or in generate B-Trees. It has the same structure of a BST with just one addition structurally and as a result supports two additional methods: … [Read more]

0-1 Knapsack problem

The 0-1 Knapsack problem is a very famous problem that can be solved using dynamic programming in pseudo-polynomial time. A variation of the problem can be defined as follows: You have a Knapsack that can store M items. You have N items with … [Read more]

Breakpoints error while debugging

Recently I was working on a GeoKettle plugin and faced the following error: Unable to install breakpoints due to missing line number attributes. Modify compiler options to generate line number attributes. GeoKettle was compiled on version 1.6 and … [Read more]

Create pairs of parenthesis

Question: Given a number N, create all possible valid combinations of parenthesis. For example, given 2, all valid combinations would be: ()() and (()) - equal opening and closing parens.   Solution This question is a very nice template … [Read more]